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Welcome to BDTE Lab !


Latest Publications

Tumor homing peptides as fusion partners of therapeutic proteins for efficient delivery to cancer cells

Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering (2022)

Targeted delivery of self-assembled nanocomplex between fusion peptides and siRNAs for breast cancer treatment

Biochemical Engineering Journal (2022)

Evaluation of the effects, causes, and risks of gold nanorods promoting cell proliferation

Biotechnology and Bioprocess Engineering (2022)


2023 KSBB Spring Meeting and International Symposium

ICC, Jeju, Korea

2023 Winter Commencement Ceremony

  M.S. Hyemin Cho

  M.S. Seongyong Yoon

  B.S. Min Kyu Cho


2022 KSMB Annual Meeting & Symposium

Wando Culture & Arts Center, Wando, Korea

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